Voters to Decide on Same Sex Marriage

Posted on September 23, 2011


North Carolina is the last Southern state not having a constitutional amendment saying that there can only be marriage between male and female. If voters do pass the same sex marriage amendment, it may make it harder for the legislature to allow same sex marriage in the future.

For the past 140 years Democrats have run the Legislative and pushed the subject aside. Now that Republicans are in charge of the branch, the subject has been brought up.

An anonymous student said that she doesn’t really know when she chose a side but that’s she feels religion is a strong influence. On the other hand, Noelle Lightbody, freshman, said that she picked a side since birth and included, “Jesus had two fathers and he turned out fine!”

There has been campaigning going on in Raleigh about same-sex marriage for a few days now. Of course there are only two sides: For gay marriage and against it. The outcome is what everyone is waiting for.

An anonymous student said, “I want it to be passed more than anything!” This is opposed to Noelle Lightbody, who said, “No, I don’t want the law passed! Why should we be able to praise anyone or anything we want…we can pray to a book! But yet we can’t love who we want?! Love is love!”

The reaction to the outcome of the votes is the thing that is going to affect North Carolina as a whole. One side will be happy and one side will not. What if it is passed, where will homosexual couples go? Noelle had an answer to this, “I think they should actually stay and show their pride. I love whom I want and so can they!”

Reported by Sarah Braun

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