Swim down to the waterfront this weekend

Posted on September 30, 2011


The smell of fresh caught seafood whisking through the air, the sight of children running through the mass of people, the sound of music coming from the Main Stage (where you might meet someone famous), the feeling of the coastal breeze blowing across the faces of many, and the taste from all the food stands. The North Carolina Seafood Festival captures all the senses, and this weekend you cannot miss out!

This year (being the 25th celebration) will be unlike any others; with the new attraction called Vertigo, you can ride a fast-moving swing that is over 90 feet tall, and shop on a 288’ yacht that has 4 decks with 28 custom designed galleries.

The festival won “Overall Event of the Year” and “Best Event Poster” back in January, which “[was] a great way to kick off our 25th year hosting the festival,” exclaimed George Ballou, Chairmen of the festival board.

All the locals are looking forward to the festival, including senior, Stephanie Reitz who said, “I’m really excited about the Seafood Festival, because we can actually do something on the weekend her for once.”

Not only is the festival fun, but it is also charitable in some ways. For example, all the money that pays for the seafood has to be given to a nonprofit organization. Another is that there are two scholarships for $2,500 that is given out to students.

The most popular attraction at the Seafood Festival is the Main Stage, where popular bands play. This year they consist of: Pure T Mommicked, Machine Gun, and Sister Hazel. “The North Carolina Seafood Festival is the coastal area’s biggest event of the year. Entertainment wise, it’s great! Because they feature all genres of musical acts, national, regional, and local artists; there’s music for everyone. Pure T Mommicked is excited about being part of the 25th Annual NCSF!” says drummer, Britt Hardy. “Playing the festival’s Main Stage for our friend s here who don’t get to see us much is great; especially to be among the cool bands on the bill,” exclaimed Pure T Mommicked band member Mark Hibbs, on bass guitar.

Despite all this entrancing perks, some will not chose to go the festival this weekend. It has been said that the 200,000 people that go is “too many to navigate through,” and that it “costs too much,” according to Gloria Case, a local to Morehead City. However, the money goes to a good cause and this event only comes once a year.

Go out to North Carolina’s 25th Seafood Festival, this weekend, or regret it for the rest of the year.

Reported by Kayeleigh Hardy

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