Moneyball scores a homerun at box office

Posted on October 3, 2011


The new film Moneyball made a box office hit, with $6.8 million in tickets sold over last weekend. By the time Moneyball is done in theatre, it should make a grand total of $20 million in tickets sold, which puts it ahead of Disney’s The Lion King 3D. If Moneyball does make $20 million then it will be the best debut of any baseball movie in history. If you want to be part of this weeks talk, then you must go see Brad Pitt’s new film, Moneyball.

Two thumbs up for this overwhelming drama where a washed up major league baseball player becomes the manager of the Oakland A’s. According to Swansboro student, Kallie Dailey, “the movie left her cheering with applause.” After realizing that his career of major league baseball wasn’t going well, he decides to become the manager of the Oakland A’s baseball team.

He takes on the team, as the manager, and soon realizes that they’re going to need some help if they want to be big. He helps train and strengthens the team to become everything he and the teams wants. “Brad Pitt did an amazing job acting, and really fit the part as the leading role,” said Kallie Daily. He takes the worst team and turned them into something they have always wanted to be.

Of course to some people it can be the worst movie you have ever seen. If you’re a sports fan and know the exact real story for Billy Beane, the washed up baseball player, then you will think this movie is ridiculous. According to Chris Barsanti, “screenwriters seem to do all they can to distract audiences from the fact that this is a film about baseball statistics and losing.”

It all depends on your outlook on the actual story and the way you think it should’ve been. If you’re a sports fan then you will not enjoy this movie to its full potential that it can be. According to Keith Law, “since I am (Keith Law) a sports fan, this movie was not appealing to me.” Although I think the movie should be something you should see, considering the movie is in the number one spot, with Disney’s The Lion King 3D trailing behind. It has to mean something to be ahead of an all-time Disney Classic in 3D.

This film has left people wondering, will there be another Brad Pitt film? Movie watchers are wondering if there will be another movie with Brad Pitt staring in it? They are also curious as to if it will be as good or make as much money?

Reported by Gregory Braun

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