Femme Fatale Tour seems more like Flop Fatale

Posted on October 5, 2011


She bursts onto the stage dressed in a glittery white outfit, and proceeds to perform one of the most plastic pop shows ever produced. Britney Spears is nearing thirty years old, and has decided she needs to go on tour yet again. Racing through a maddeningly random mix of her old and new hits, including “Baby One More Time”, “Toxic”, and “Womanizer”, it seems as if she has gotten tired of being a star, and is now just doing this because… well, her management tells her she has to.

The concert is supposed to be femme fatale-themed. In the one and a half hour set, Britney is seen on the video screens dressed in little to nothing, running from cops and supposedly acting as a sexy assassin. Webster’s Dictionary defines a femme fatale as a “dangerously seductive woman”- but in reality, our dear girl shows no signs of being dangerous, or even conscious, for that matter.

Since her debut on the scene thirteen years ago, Britney Jean Spears has provided us with some of the most memorable moments in entertainment history. Whether she’s dancing with a snake wrapped around her neck, making out with Madonna, or getting married for only 55 hours, it’s safe to say that she is a huge part of Pop culture, and that the industry would not be the same without her.

However, lately Spears has failed to hold her throne. With massive competition from other successful female artists on the scene like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry, our beloved icon is simply not keeping up pace.

Performing at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte last month, fans and critics alike noted that Spears seemed robotic and uninterested while on stage. She possessed none of the fabulous energy that she used to show back in the early era of her career. Her dance moves were sloppy and often consisted of nothing more than twirls and hair flips. She sometimes belted out a few live notes and spoke to the audience a few times, but the rest of the show was completely lip-synced. Even long-time supporter Ryan Seacrest noted that Britney seemed “lost” and “wasn’t herself at all.”

Despite the criticism, some still remain loyal to the superstar, no matter her problems. “Britney is and always will be an icon. She’s grown up now… you can’t expect her to dance and perform like she did when she was a teenager,” says fan Grayson Matra from Raleigh. “She may not be as good as she used to be, but she still puts on a darn good show.”

Furthermore, when it comes the rest of Spears’ career, she’s just as successful as she always was. Her most recent album debuted at #1 on the Billboard charts, and the first three singles released from it- “Hold It Against Me”, “Till The World Ends”, and “I Wanna Go”- have all reached the Top 10 and received fantastic radio airplay. Her documentary titled “Britney- For The Record” was released on DVD just last year, and became one of the top selling releases of 2010. She guest-starred in an episode of Fox’s popular show “Glee,” and her appearance brought in the show’s highest ratings ever. To top it all off, at the most recent MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, she was honored with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Clearly, the debate on whether Spears deserves to still be credited is one that will continue for a long time. Perhaps no matter how lackluster she becomes in her performance and promotional ability, she will still be a triumph simply because she is who she is: America’s Princess of Pop, the Legendary Ms. Britney Spears.

Reported by Logan Haithcock

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