Google +: cool, fun, and empty

Posted on October 5, 2011


About a week ago, I was bored on the internet, procrastinating on my homework as usual. I went to Facebook, Tumblr, etc. I also went to Google and I noticed a little link in the top left corner that said “You+”. I clicked on it and discovered Google +, Google’s new social networking site. I signed up for an account and just played around with it for a little while, trying out the new features. After importing my contacts from my email, I realized something; only 3 of my friends have accounts. That was kind of a buzzkill to my fun:  I couldn’t even use some of the features to my advantage because I had no friends in my circle! I felt like I was pretty much high-fiving myself. So, last night I was on Facebook, which is the social networking site that my friends use. I decided to ask my friend Kalani Summerford, one of the three friends I follow on Google +, how she liked it so far. Right away, she said, “It doesn’t have wall posts or messaging and anyone can follow you. I don’t even know what the point is. I don’t like it.”
            Personally, I liked the way Google + worked. It seems a little complex, but I felt the same way about Facebook when I first started using it. G+ offers a lot of cool, interesting features too. Hayley Tsukayama of the Washington Post claims that some of Google + best features are the “Stream, Photos, and Hangouts.” I agree that Hangouts is one of the coolest features there is. This feature lets you have video conversations with up to ten people at once. I feel like this could be convenient for things like projects, where everyone may not be able to meet up. They can all get on Hangouts and work together.
            The Tech Observer on claims that Google + ties in social metrics via Twitter and Facebook. Google + has things such as one-way following and circles, just as Twitter has one-way following and Lists. G+ has Chat and the +1 button, while Facebook has IM Chat and the Like button.
            Google + sounds pretty cool, right? I think so. The only thing it lacks is members.  Facebook, the leading social network, accounts for 40% of daily web traffic of all internet users worldwide according to This website also claims the Male to Female ratio for Google + is 66.2 percent male, 32.9 percent female, and 1.0 percent other, while Facebook is almost 50/50.
            This may not just be because people don’t want to use it though. Google + had limited access for about 12 weeks due to what they said was “insane demand.” Members were limited. According to, even though Google + does not have as many members as Facebook, yet, it took Facebook over 36 months to get 25 million users but only took G+ under 2 months.

So, to all the attached and dedicated Facebook members, check out Google + next time you get on the internet! You can always use BOTH and then make up your mind. All it needs is people to become what may be the next new Facebook site that  you go on to procrastinate on your homework!

Reported by Tanner Simon

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