New movie dolphin tale gets two tails up

Posted on October 5, 2011


A poor dolphin with its tail trapped in a crab trap, wrapped up in fishing rope, washes up on shore. Young Sawyer Nelson walks up to the suffering dolphin, calls for help and within a few days this dolphin named Winter becomes his whole life. Winter ends up getting her tail amputated, but how long can a dolphin live without its tail?
 If you want to see the greatest and most inspirational film produced in the past few months, then go watch Dolphin Tale this weekend! This is a fantastic film already watched by millions. It’s a heartwarming movie starring actors Morgan Freeman and Nathan Gamble.
 Junior Hailey Adamski says, “I saw it the second day it was out– it was a fantastic movie. One of the best I’ve seen in a while! I advise everyone to go see it this weekend.”
 This movie is a must see. It is rated PG and can be watched by any age, interesting to all. The movie is full of laughs but also tears. Sawyer and Winter have fun times, but they also have heartbreaking experiences.
 It is a fantastic movie to watch with the family and it is based on a true story. Winter was only three months old when she was caught in a crab trap which resulted in the loss of her tail. This same dolphin that this astonishing accident happened to is the actual star of Dolphin Tale.
 The movie is inspiring to all. It shows that anyone can heal; all it takes is support from the people that you love.
 Dolphin Tale made $20.3 million in the first week of being in theaters. Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun described it as “a sweet, feel good film about a boy who helps save a dolphin, and how the dolphin then helps save him…a pleasant family film with an improbable story at it’s heart.”
 So once you get a chance, go watch Dolphin Tale. It’s a must see!

Reported by Alexis Skiba

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