So when are you going to tell your parents that you’re straight?

Posted on October 5, 2011


In the United States, a 14 year old girl can be legally married with the approval of her parents and the district court if she is pregnant or already has a child-yet gay marriage is still illegal.

In May of 2012, a ballot will be put out for the public to vote on the banning of gay marriage. While gay marriage is already illegal in North Carolina, the senate and the house members state that they want to make it harder to make it legal in the future by banning marriage between same sex couples.

Instead of focusing on major issues like the rate of unemployment in our state right now, let’s make a ballot to focus on the ban of gay marriage to create an even more agitated community.

A waste of our state’s money? I think so.

So when does the government cross the line as far as taking people’s rights away? “We are all citizens under the law, and to deny certain citizen’s rights, others [citizens] are allowed to [legally] debase our constitution.” stated senior classmate Jacob Springfield.

The topic of gay marriage is controversial, but every offensive comment towards gays and their right to marry always has a strong opposing argument facing it. Gays and lesbians should not be treated like an outsider when it comes to the laws.

Aside from homophobic people that we interact with nearly everyday, the concept of religion is a big discussion topic.

I said concept not to offend but to state that not everyone follows a religion. Even more so, there is more than one religion practiced in America. We are not told who or what to believe or even that we have to believe. Pushing the argument that God frowns upon gays rests invalid for it’s more a matter of opinion whether being gay is “wrong” in God’s eyes or not.

An anonymous source said, “I go to church but I also believe there should be a separation of church and state, especially in the government.”

Keeping a gay person out of marriage is not going to keep same sex couples from loving one another in private, or public. When faced with the argument that we are made to procreate, I want to know how many couples have sex just to create children versus the number of couples who have sex out of pleasure.

On the opposite side of religion, you have science. In scientist’s eyes, humans are animals with the development to argue and to think logically. Homosexuality is looked at as unnatural though according to medical net research, there are 1,500 animal species that practice homosexuality.

Marriage is supposed to be a sacred bond. I think we can all agree on that.

A point that is strongly argued is that gay marriage will devalue marriage between a man and woman. I want to know when marriage was respected, because in today’s age, it’s not.

Fifty percent of marriages end in a meaningless divorce while many people are left standing alone in the altar everyday.

“The concept of marriage is screwed regardless whether or not homosexuals are allowed to get married or not,” pleaded former Croatan student Chelsea Adams. 

After marriage come children-another huge controversial issue. It is thought you need a man and a woman to raise a child and that one cannot replace the other. That is beside the point when it comes down to the fact that there are thousands of kids sitting in foster homes without a father or a mother. These kids are without personal affection and attention needed to grow healthily.

There appears to be no valid reason to deny homosexual couples the right to marry. 

As often said, people fear what they don’t know or don’t understand but neither personal opinion nor the Bible is a valid reason to deny people the right to love who they please for the constitution is supposed to hand out equal rights to all citizens. 

No facts and no evidence can be found to support why gays should not be married-there are just merely strong unruly opinions formed by people who should take a step back and look at the big picture.

No person’s happiness should be held within limitations.

Reported by Courtney Hines

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