Book Review: “Bye Bye, Baby”

Posted on October 6, 2011


            In this compulsively readable novel, fictional detective Nathan Heller is back for his latest mystery. This time, he is in delving into the world of Hollywood, spending time with one of the entertainment industry’s most legendary screen icons: Marilyn Monroe.

It is the summer of 1962, and the blonde beauty’s movie studio is threatening to fire her for incompetence and increased prescription drug dependency. When she meets detective Nathan Heller, she asks a favor of him; will he wire-tap the phones in her house to record her conversations, so that if Twentieth Century Fox does proceed to fire her, she can have a record of her calls to take to court? Heller agrees to the proposition, but when Marilyn mysteriously turns up dead of an apparent “suicide,” he is thrust into a world of political cover-ups and secrecy. Will he uncover the truth about the star’s untimely demise, or will his most challenging assignment yet be the end of him?

The book is sure to please fans who love talking about the conspiracy theories surrounding Monroe’s untimely death. It goes into explicit detail about the Kennedy connections, highlighting her supposed affairs with the President and Attorney General, and also gives luminosity to never-before-heard revelations. There’s no doubt that the release of this book will restart all of the rumors surrounding her “suicide”, or *cough cough* murder.

Full of controversy and interesting information, “Bye Bye, Baby” serves as the year’s best mystery release, is the perfect pick for anyone who enjoys a read that will keep you hooked all the way through.

Reported by Logan Haithcock

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