Chinese business leaders tour local businesses

Posted on October 6, 2011


On September 28, a delegation of ten Chinese business leaders toured local businesses in Burgaw to get an idea of how American businesses functioned. This is all part of a program to create a healthy international business between the two countries as China continues to grow as a country.

       Business leaders under the age of forty from America and China tour each others businesses on both a rural and urban level to see how each others businesses can improve from each other. Their tour path will take them through major business and hubs like Los Angeles and New York, but while they were here they toured more rural and non-traditional business practices.

New Hanover District Attorney, Ben David, was chosen to be the sponsor of the local area. He took the delegates to Mojo Musical Supply,  which was chosen because of the ties it has to community as well as the business it conducts on a global scale. This shows that North Carolina, specifically, is an option for trade with Chinese businesses.

       This is a small, but important, step in improving America’s international relations with countries across the world, while contributing to the health of the global economy. As the world becomes smaller and smaller this is going to be necessary for long term stability of not only our country or theirs but for the world as a whole.

Reported by Brendan Buffington

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