Five cheers for Spirit Week

Posted on October 6, 2011


         Walking down the spirited hallways next week, you will find lazy bodies in their pajamas, boys dressed up in skirts and heels, your best friend dressed like Lady Gaga, unusually tall babies, and a vibrant explosion of black, gold, and white.

         Next week is spirit week, “the most exciting week of the year,” according to senior Cassie Morris. The student body will dress up on the designated day earning spirit points for their class, in order to win a picnic at the end of the year. Monday through Friday will be an eventful week ending with a pep rally and the homecoming football game against Topsail.

         “SGA officially made the days for spirit week, but they got input from their peers as well,” stated Mrs. Gainey, the senior class representative. “Spirit week is about fun, but the big thing is that the students need to stay in compliance with the dress code.”

          The new addition to spirit week is Celebrity Day and “hopefully, it will be a success,” replied Student Body President Nathaniel Mora, when asked about the new idea. 

          The school seems very excited for next week with posters and announcement reminding the students and staff daily. Chandler Nohr, sophomore at Croatan, believes the seniors will win the spirit race this year. With the record of the class, it could be a great possibility. Nohr is most excited for “dress your age day, because it’s funny to look at babies and old people.”

           There are “not as many [students dressing up] for days like PJ where it may be on Monday and students forget,” says Ms. Stewart, SGA advisor. In order to score the most spirit points, there needs to be a big turn out on the first day; in essence, it will carry on throughout the week.

Reported by kayeleigh Hardy

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