North Carolina’s Taste of Country

Posted on October 6, 2011


          Scotty McCreery recently won the tenth season of American Idol on May 25th, and may have surprised America being from Garner, North Carolina. He is the second youngest person to win the talent show since its beginning nearly a decade ago. The name of his debut single is “I Love You This Big.” If you want to hear something new from our home state, then this is the song for you.
          Scotty is seventeen years old and attends Garner Magnet High School. He was a member of the vocal ensemble. On May 14th, his third homecoming day, Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams gave Scotty the key to the city, and the day is now known as “Scotty McCreery Day.”
          At the beginning of “I Love You This Big” the lyrics are “I know I’m young, but I know how I feel. I might not have too much experience, but I know when love is real.” He is simply saying that he is young, but he can see love when he knows what he is feeling inside.
          On Facebook, every now and then I come across at least a line or two from his song. Many of the posts say, “I love you thing big, eyes have never seen this big.” In an interview I asked my friend (who wished to remain anonymous) if she liked his songs, or even knew who he was, and she replied, “Yes, I know who Scotty McCreery is, I love his song, and I think that he is hot.”
           But, on the other hand, many people haven’t even heard of him and don’t care too much for Country; they don’t want to hear Scotty on the radio either.
           Scotty may have written this song because he is currently in love, or written it for young teenagers who are in love. Many teens don’t have genuine love songs to relate too, so he may be what we have been waiting to hear.
           His new album featuring, “I Love You This Big,” is titled Clear As Day. It also has more love songs to please his legions of suporters. Scotty may currently be in the process of making a new CD that all of his fans will love, and have a new hit single.

Reported by Alexandria Brimmer

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