Athlete of the week

Posted on October 10, 2011


This week’s Athlete of the Week is Abigail Vanpelt. Abigail is a sophomore on the girls golf team. Abi says she plays girls golf because “It’s very relaxing and [you] don’t have to run. [She] likes how it’s not only a team sport but an individual sport, and that you are your own worst enemy. If someone has a bad day, [they] have a lot of great players to fall back on.”

Abigail was adopted from Alfred, Maine. She started playing golf with her parents at a young age and played on her middle school team. Abi says some of her biggest accomplishments are receiving the “scholar athlete” award and getting her first birdie last week. When asking Abigail if she plans to pursue golf after high school, she said, that she plans to play golf at Stanford University and as a hobby for the rest of her life.

Coach Joseph Banks said that Abigail deserves Athlete of the Week because of her improvement over the last couple weeks. Coach Banks stated, “At the girls 2nd conference match, Abigail improved 12 shots over her previous score, boosting the team over Topsail by a huge margin.”

But not everything with Abigail is well, she actually has a rotator cuff injury. She is currently in physical therapy but Banks says that she is “continuing to play on the team and fighting through it.”

Abigail is a hardworking golf player with a lot of dreams. Banks claims Abigail is a leader. She plans to lead her team to a win next week by trying her hardest and encouraging her teammates.

Reported by Tanner Simon