Get down tonight

Posted on October 10, 2011


           Everybody has at one point in time seen a movie with a high school prom in it. Making kids want to grow up faster just so they can enjoy their own. Well this year the homecoming dance is like a mini prom for everyone. If they’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior you can go. This is a way for friends from every grade to have fun together.
            This year’s homecoming is semi formal where girls can put on a cute dress and guys can wear a nice polo shirt. The homecoming dance is an actual dance like the ones you see on TV. Normally the dance is in the cafeteria and its right after the game. They changed it up a little this year. The dance is in the gym and it’s this Saturday on October 8th, before the week of homecoming.
            Some students don’t like the idea of it being on a Saturday. “I’m not going, I think it’s going to be worse because it was easier when it was right after the game. Not that many people want to take time out of their Saturday to go to a school dance,” stated Ashlee Mullennex a senior. On the other hand some students think different. Haley Wester a senior says, “I’m going, I think it’s going to be better!” 
            There is going to be a real DJ there! The SGA members are taking song requests from the student body. If there is something you would like to hear and dance to, find an SGA member and give them a list of songs. These songs should be clean and with no vulgar language, choose songs carefully.
            The only way to find out the truth of how the dance will be is to go. It should be a great time for the whole school and it would help pump students up for spirit week and the homecoming game. Get in the school spirit and dance your feet off to the DJ that will be there.

Reported by Tiffany Johnson

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