A day in the life of a band student

Posted on October 11, 2011


(from left to right) Brianna Padgett, Courtney Hines, Corrine LeBlanc, Virginia Bradshaw, Peyton Lesher

High school stereotypes are something we hear about and witness everyday yet no one seems to enjoy being classified. Aside from the association by the cliché group, have you ever stopped to think about how geeky band students live their everyday life?
Turns out not all band students are super geeky but even Drum Major, Peyton Lesher, agrees that some are.
“The biggest stereotype I think related to band kids is that they are “geeky” in a way, and that is about 85% true. A small example is when we’re doing jumping jacks. If Vance Miller is the one leading it, he’ll say 27 + 16 jumping jacks to throw people off, and most of the kids [who] are actually at the top of their class [still get confused],” she replied.
A lot of people also argue that band students do not have a life outside of band though when Peyton was asked who she hung out with outside of band, her response was: “I actually have many friends outside of band, including my best friends and boyfriend. We do typically anything that comes to mind at any given moment, and try to have as much fun as we can, just like anyone else. I mean, it’s not like being in band makes you an anti-social black hole. I don’t even sit at the “Band Table” if that proves anything.”
Band is actually quite like any other sport played by an athlete.
I know some athletes who play volleyball or football may differ with this statement but band kids put in as much time, if not more, when it comes to preparing for their performances and competitions.
“I manage my time by setting a schedule and writing down performances and practices so that I know what days I have off. We have band practice twice a week for 2 and half hours each day and football games on Fridays. Competitions are also on Saturdays which last until early Sunday morning,” stated Senior Virginia Bradshaw, a percussionist in band.
The Croatan Marching Band has received over 250 awards in the past 13 years.
The school band website also stated that in the band’s 10th year of being around, the band was crowned A class champions in the Florida Bands of America Regional Championship. They won best overall music performance, best general effect, and best overall visual performance.
Virginia and Peyton both stated that though they love music and enjoy what they do; at times they do get frustrated with the dedication, especially during Marching Season.
“I wish it would calm down a lot of the time, just because that’s how my personality is, but I do love the excitement at the same time, because it keeps me going right from the start of the school year.” said Peyton.
From athletes to band students, we are all intertwined in some way whether it’s the amount of dedication we put into our hobbies or if it’s by the friends that we hang out with in our free time.
Get to know your peers and ignore trivial stereotypes.
After all, you do spend 180 days of your year with these same people.

Reported by Courtney Hines