Vibram Five Fingers, toe shoes

Posted on October 11, 2011


          We all remember our toe sock’s from the 4th grade.  Well, now there is something new out that has athletes and even fashionistas talking.
          Vibram Five Fingers are the newest trend of sneaker that were created to be aerodynamic as well as light weight.  Created by Robert Fliri, this new brand of shoes has hundreds of varieties you can choose from.  They are advertised to be comfortable and appropriate for wearing during any activity.  You may have never heard about these shoes, or maybe you have seen people wearing them in the hallways of Croatan.  Even though these shoes are new, many have taken a liking to them.
          Our very own Ms. Mays has a pair that she wears quite often when instructing her physical education classes here at Croatan.  She says, “They can be worn all the time anytime the wearer feels compelled to wear them.  Vibrams come in different models for running, for water wear, for general cross training, and for general walking around.  They are great to wear for all and any occasions and are great for your feet.”
          When asking the question “How do these shoes compare to regular sneakers?” Ms. Mays replied, “They allow the wearer to use their feet more anatomically correct and strengthen the foot muscles.”  Maybe our cross country team should look into these for running in.  Some said they prefer the feeling of being barefoot because they simply feel comfortable without shoes.  Some said they even feel faster while barefoot.
          Jordan Watson, a senior, goes barefoot everywhere he can get away with it.  According to Ms. Mays, with Vibram Five Fingers’ toe shoes you can get the same feeling of being barefoot “with protection to the bottom of your feet [and] with a little shock absorption.”  
         Would you wear these toe shoes?

Reported by Rachel Brazda

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