Mr. Meaney: Do some dips

Posted on October 12, 2011


Everybody knows Mr. Meaney as the goofy history teacher, dedicated wrestling coach, and ex-marine.  There is always more to a person than what we see and know, and it’s always fun to hear about the lives of the people that educate us.  Killian, a freshman, says “[Mr. Meaney] is just different as a teacher, because he was a marine.”  He definitely has a unique style of teaching, and there is a reason behind the madness.

According to Mr. Meaney he is old and happy with eight kids that he loves.  Mr. Meaney was in the military, and started teaching in the military in 1987.  That is where he began his teaching career, although the teaching was completely different than public school.  He taught the marines tactics, history, and information about weapons.  He was given the lesson plan to teach them, and told how to do it. After 911, the Taliban had been identified and an operation began in Afghanistan.  They needed a place to put the unidentified terrorists.  The decision was to place them in non-American soil; they decided Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  Mr. Meaney was one of the many that was sent to build the housing, called camp x-ray, for these “terrorists”.

After the marine corp he got his teaching degree at UNCW, and began making his own lesson plans for students as a history teacher.  He has been a teacher for about ten years, and has lived “off and on” in North Carolina since 1981.  He has lived six years in Japan, two years in California, and a year each in Denver and Albany, Georigia.  Mr. Meaney has been exposed to many things in his life, and has had the opportunity to live in many different places.

As a senior in high school, Mr. Meaney was just like any one of us.  He spent his time at wrestling practice or at his girlfriend’s house.  When asked what one of the craziest things he did in high school, he responded “I got to clean lion bins and play with the cubs”.  He said the craziest things that he did in his life were things he had to do as a marine, most of them being things he did not want to do.  He got into trouble just like we do, and made mistakes that he learned from.  “The important thing is when you do make mistakes, you hurry up and listen to the advice you get, and push through it.”  If you have seen Mr. Meaney, you may have noticed the several tattoos he has.  He got them while in the military at a young age.  He gave me advice saying, “If you don’t already have one, I would advise you not to get one.  It is hard to get a job.”  The proudest moment of his life, was not just the day his children were born but that his children have grown up and have been successful.  “My three oldest ones have graduated from college.”

As Killian said, “He is a tough teacher.”  This is just Mr. Meaney’s personality, and his toughness has an impact on his students. He is a great teacher and a “cool” man that has great advice for any of the students here at Croatan High School.

Reported by Nicole Hebert