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Posted on October 13, 2011


G.O.P Debate

          Herman Cain’s 999 Plan took several blows from other G.O.P. candidates in last night’s debate. The plan calls for there to be a national flat 9% income, business, and sales tax.  Some may be asking if the plan is based on a Godfather’s Pizza plan to sell its pies for only $9.99.

          Candidate Michelle Bachman even went so far as to say that the plan was “demonic.” She said that if you flip 999 upside down it shows its true colors. It sounds like somebody is intimidated of their opponent’s plan.

          All the candidates agreed that the Federal Reserve is not doing what it should be to help our economic situation.

          Rick Perry left center stage in this debate, unlike previous discussions. Maybe he was intimidated by opponent Mitt Romney who seemed to dominate in the debate, or maybe he just forgot to eat his Texas Toast that morning.

          The debate showed that if you are in the lead now, you may not always be there. Some new contenders are emerging in the election. Now they’ll just have to battle it out with their policies, and baking sheets…

Reported by Andrew Turner

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