Bullets flying in Carteret County?

Posted on October 17, 2011


We are all aware that gangs exist. They protect “their” territory, and harm innocent people in the process. In Carteret County, gangs have never been an issue, and although they have infiltrated nearby counties, our community seems safe–for now.

John Dubois, a crime scene investigator, states that there are 100 active gang members in Onslow County. Gangs such as the Surenos, Gangster Disciples, and Mexican Mafia exist in Onslow County.

Geraldine, a Carteret County resident, states that although gangs are not present here, she fears that they will soon migrate to our community.

In 2009, Beaufort Chief Steve Lewis said, “We are seeing an increase in established gangs and gang ‘wanna-be’ types.”  There have been no updates since then.

There is no real proof that there is or will be gang activity in Carteret County. Onslow County police are doing their best to stop the gang activity before it spreads.

Reported by Gabrielle Hill

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