Thrills and Chills

Posted on October 17, 2011


It’s that time of year when the spooky howls and spine chilling noises scare you; the slightest things make you jump out of your skin, the laughter of witches echo in the dark, and the creatures that step into your path. The Nightmare Factory in Havelock, NC sends you on a journey to the past of an old burned down factory. The “ghosts” will give you that sweaty nervous sensation, chills down your back, and a scream that will last for days.

The Nightmare Factory has five events your friends and yourself could do. It consists of The Haunted Factory tour, psych ward tour, the basement, the 3D fun house, and the Mausoleum. The Haunted Factory is a walk through story about “Albert Knights Factory,” which made a wide sort of “questionable” products, and burned to the ground in 1923.  The Haunted Factory tour is ten dollars a ticket. If you want an alternate ending it’s only three dollars more. The psych ward alternate ending, is a journey deeper into the past of the burnt down factory and shows you the remains of Albert Knight’s psychiatric hospital.

New this year is the 3D fun house, which shows you the chemicals that were destroyed in the fire, leaving a glow that only shows up in special glasses. Last but not least is the Mausoleum. This journey is very different from the others. Instead of walking through a tour, you are crawling through this one, showing you the hidden crypts of Albert Knights. Both of these attractions are ten dollars each.

Ticket sales start an hour before the doors open. Thursday times are 8pm-11pm, Friday and Saturday times are 8pm-12am. The rated “R” shows start at 10pm each night. The rated “R” shows are at the time of night when the ghosts can grab you without getting in trouble. Bryan Sanders, a senior at West Carteret, stated that “it was awesome! It’s like fifteen minutes long and pretty scary. I went during the rated R hours and that’s when they can grab you and cuss at you.” “My friend passed out,” said freshman Caroline Frenia.

Think you can handle this goose bump giving, heart beating, and spine chilling tour?  Try the Nightmare Factory out this weekend. Learn about this old burnt down factory from the ghosts that live behind the walls and beneath the ground.

Reported by Tiffany Johnson

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