“Will you go out with me?”

Posted on October 18, 2011


To young to date?

High school is a time to experience a great many things, including the world of relationships and dating.  This confusing, heart breaking, and sometimes even long lasting world begins within the very walls of high school.   By taking our first steps into this world of dating and relationships, we learn so much more than any text book can teach us.

Knowing we are in a fragile state, we look into the world of dating with cautious eyes.  Sound cliché, I know, but frankly it’s true.

So what is it that attracts us to this world so much?  Is it peer pressure, or is it something we are legitimately interested in?

Fellow peer Aimee Harp stated that, “I think dating in high school opens up new opportunities for teens and helps them learn how to balance things in their life while maintaining a good relationship with a person they care about.”

Many would agree with Aimee.  Dating does help people grow and learn to prioritize efficiently. 

When asking senior class president Nathanael Mora what he thought about dating in high school, he responded very similarly.     

 “[I] think it makes [students] learn to cope with different people,” Nathanael said.

For many, dating in high school is considered the norm.  However, are we still considered too young to date?

Dr. Phil wrote an article on teen dating and how many of us are too young, and not mature enough to handle a serious relationship.  From a parent’s point of view, he stated, “Teenagers shouldn’t have serious dating relationships. No 14-year-old needs to have an intense boyfriend or girlfriend. Encourage group dates supervised by an adult.” 

Many teens would disagree with this statement. 

Aimee pointed out that, “I definitely don’t think we are too young to be in serious relationships.  If we are old enough to fill out college applications and drive a car, then we can handle a relationship.”

So the question still stands; Are we too young to be in a relationship?

Nathanael talked about how many underclassmen can’t handle the relationship game, but it goes both ways for seniors.  “… it really depends on the maturity level of the couple/person.”

Even though many of us have mixed feelings on teen dating and dating in high school, it is still primarily where it all starts.  We learn what we like, experience heart break, and make some of the best memories. 

Reported by Kylie Wright

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