Posted on October 18, 2011


Cassie Morris (founder of SSMF), Dan Morris (her father, Lieutenant Colonel), Blake Morris (her brother), Amanda Morris (her sister)

Croatan High School is the home to myriad clubs; lately, there has been an addition: Students in Support of Military Families (SSMF). SSMF is for military volunteering, bringing the Cougars together to reach goals.

“SSMF is an organization that was established in order to give back to our troops. What way to do that than by supporting their families? SSMF works with the Fischer House: a house on Camp Lejeune that provides military families a place to stay while their loved ones are being cared for in a nearby hospital, “says Cassie Morris, founder of the club.

SSMF’s first meeting was last Wednesday, October 5, 2011. The members decided to commence a DVD drive for the families that come home after visiting the hospital. Morris says, “I genuinely hope this club is successful. The first meeting had an incredible outcome and the members came up with some extraordinary ideas that I hope SSMF can take on. I am extremely excited to see how the year plays out. I hope we can make a difference and I know the other members of SSMF agree.”

Chandler Nohr attended the first meeting, describing it as “an impressive turnout. I think it’s cool that the club does not use bribery such as Bojangles breakfast or spirit points when they do drives such as the DVD drive.”

In order for the CHS to keep up this new club, the student body needs to embrace it. Show up to meetings, and help give back. The clubs are fun and are aimed towards a good cause, while also adding to a college resume.

Reported by Kayeleigh Hardy

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