A day in the life of an aspiring Broadway Star

Posted on October 19, 2011


Courtney, Morgan, Sally, Jake

“Labels of any sort are frustrating, but I guess I just want to be seen as an actress who can hopefully do many things…Musical theatre is acting with signing it, but it’s all acting,” stated Sutton Foster, who would better be recognized as the Broadway lead of Princess Fiona in Shrek, the musical. 

Aside from being Princess Fiona, Sutton is also Morgan’s role model. 

While some of us focus more on school or our dedication to sports, Senior Morgan Flythe is an aspiring Broadway performer.
Morgan spends hours dedicating her talent and time to Mrs. Swigart and the drama department every year.   

Some may find this obsessive, but when the end product comes out, everyone can clearly see why such a large amount of time is dedicated. Not only do the students dedicate their time to Mrs. Swigart, but Mrs. Swigart also dedicates her own free time to the students.

Mrs. Swigart has her drama students after school almost everyday of the week, sometimes in the morning, and very often late at night. On weeks of show time, the students are expected to be there on weekends and excuses aren’t acceptable.

Morgan stated that all of the work and effort and time put forth to the performances do pay off.

“I love being the center of attention, and theatre gives me the chance to harness energy for something productive. Performing is my rush and it gives me the most amazing feeling ever,” she said.

Morgan started performing as an extra in High School Musical and afterwards was a crow in The Wizard of Oz. She then had a lead in the play, Little Women, as Jo March and was a dancer in last year’s spring play, Aida. In this year’s spring play she will be starring as Hope Harcourt in Anything Goes.  Morgan was also a soloist in Moulin Rouge and has performed in many talent shows, too. 

On the topic of college, she said like everyone else, she still is deciding on what college she plans to attend because every college offers something she likes. She has narrowed her choices down to ECU, UNCW, or Liberty University.

The drama department is hard work, and Morgan intends on achieving her dream through dedication and keeping high spirits.

Morgan did admit that there is silly high school drama in the drama department and that the theatre is extremely competitive, everyone sticks together like a family and roots for each other in the end of the day.

Chasing your dreams should be a priority despite the hardships that get in the way.  

“In first grade I was the middle Billy Goat Gruff, and even though the only people who ever saw it were in my class, I remember the feeling I felt when I said my few lines. I want to feel that the rest of my life. If there is any advice I can give to anyone, it is that doing what you love is more important than being “cool.” I promise.”    Reported by Courtney Hines