A teacher for Croatan or West?

Posted on October 20, 2011


Brand new faces fill our school every year.  Who are they? What made them come here?  These are questions we usually ask ourselves when a new teacher arrives.  It is always a pleasure to get new teachers and add diversity.  We have new teachers in science, math, and history. There is also a new special-ed teacher, band director, and alternative learning program teacher.  The alternative learning program teacher is not only new to the school, but new to the idea of teaching students.  “She is young, tall, and beautiful,” says Kyle Hebert, a junior.  We love getting new teachers and Ms. Shouse is a great addition to our school.
Ms. Sarah Shouse graduated from UNCW in 2011, majoring in history. At Only twenty-two years of age, she jumped right into her career getting a job here at Croatan in August.  Although she is beginning as an alternative learning program teacher, she hopes to stay at Croatan and have the opportunity to work in the history department.
Born and raised in Morehead City, she attended our favorite rival school West Carteret.  As a high school student, her passion was dancing. She says that she “danced, danced, and danced some more.”   In college she continued dancing by not only doing it, but teaching it also.  She would travel to Morehead to teach kids and teens ballet, music theatre, and tap.  In college, she was also a part of UNCW Ducks Unlimited.  This is a program that raises money to conserve wetlands, which she was the secretary for all four years at UNCW.
The proudest moments of her life were when she “got accepted to UNCW, and got a job at Croatan because it was the next step.”  She also said within UNCW there are tons of ways to get jobs, and the college itself helps a person with academics greatly.  “In the town of Wilmington there are a lot of businesses and people, and everyone is very welcoming.  It is very laid back, just like [this area] but bigger.”
For all the high school students that are applying to college, Ms. Shouse is a great person to get advice from.  She recently graduated in 2011 of May, meaning she was doing the application procedure like us only four years ago.  It can be a strenuous process, but Ms. Shouse says, “Don’t get discouraged, it takes a long time to get answers back.  And once you’re in college, don’t give up.”

Caricature of Ms. Shouse by Nicole Hebert

She must really love her hometown and the beach.  When asked if she wants to stay here for the rest of her life, she responded, “It just depends, we’ll see where it goes.”  From this I learned she is open to change, and is open to whatever opportunity comes her way.  In the mean time we welcome her to Croatan, and wish her luck with her future goals.

Reported by Nicole Hebert