A crackle of style

Posted on October 23, 2011


Example of Crackle Nails

Thinking of a way to spice up your finger nails? Bored with just the plain colors? Well, crackle has the perfect idea for your friends and yourself. Crackle nail art a fun and exciting way to paint your nails.

Cackle nail art is easy to use and astonishing to see. If you don’t know what it looks like here is an explanation. Once the nail polish starts to dry, cracks will appear in the paint. This will give your finger nails a look that you will want to tell your friends about. Even boys think it’s cool. Erick Snyder, senior, stated “that’s pretty sick.”

“How do you use it?” a girl might ask. Well, first pick a plain color you really like. Once the color dries just apply a very thin layer of crackle paint out and paint right over your first color. At first it may not look like its working, but it is. You just have to wait until it dries, and the cracks will appear before your eyes.

Crackle comes in a wide variety of colors, not just black. The available colors are black, white, silver, and some of your favorite colors. They also have a Katy Perry collection of colors: Teenage dream, Not Like the Movies, Last Friday Night, and the one that got away. “Teenage dream” is light purple with sparkles in it. “Not like the Movies” is a silver shiny color that looks slick and smooth. The color “Last Friday Night” is a blue purple color with sparkles. Last but not least “The One that got Away” is a dark purple color with a little hint of pink.

No more boring slumber party nights. Get a bunch of colors and become creative with crackle nail art.

Repored By Tiffany Johnson

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