A day in the life of a successful drop out

Posted on October 23, 2011


Former Croatan Student: Chelsea Squires

“I believe that each and every student can make a difference in the world. The first step in that happening is knowledge. Most of that structured knowledge will take place in school,” said English teacher, Mrs. Gainey.

High school: challenging and somewhat too familiar. Some of us suck it up and push ourselves to the end. Others choose the less traditional route when it comes to pursuing dreams. 

Last year, Croatan had around 35 students drop out and among those 35 was Junior, Chelsea Squires.  

Chelsea said the loss of her credits helped her make her final decision and though her mom didn’t support her choice to drop out, Chelsea decided she could make her own decisions.

“It was weird not being in school at first, as if I was on a long vacation, but I started CCC not too long after dropping out.”

Success is rarely associated with dropping out, but is some cases, the public is proven wrong.

According to angelfire research, 25 known billionaires, 8 US presidents, and 105 Oscar winners were high school drop outs.

Christina Aguilera, a high school drop out, was deemed the 19th richest woman in entertainment by Forbes while Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company and also a high school drop out, was a self-made multimillionaire.  

Contrary to popular belief, not every drop out is unsuccessful.

Chelsea, just last month, received a job offer from Victor’s International Model and Talent Management which was founded by Victor L. Schmitt, who has been working as a model and actor for the past twenty years.

Victor’s International is a full service agency for talented kids and adults. Chelsea stated that she is very excited and hopes to inspire girls of all shapes and sizes. She will be kicking off her career within the next year.

Chelsea’s sister, Cameron, was Chelsea’s core support but Chelsea declared all of her family and friends had always supported her when it came down to chasing her dreams.

On the topic of negativity Chelsea replied, “I actually can’t even remember if anyone ever said anything negative to me in the first place, because it never really mattered anyway.”

Chelsea added that she is much happier out of school and is successfully making it in the real world.

“Just because I dropped out doesn’t mean that I will fail in life- clearly. It all has to do with what your next choice is. People in high school are very judgmental, and not having to deal with others who assume- it’s a relief. This goes out to all of the people who told me I couldn’t.”

Reported By Courtney Hines