Breakthrough in school budget

Posted on October 23, 2011


Monday, October 17 at the Beaufort courthouse, county commissioners held a meeting to discuss the funding for the schools in our county. There was question on whether $500,000.00 should be given to the school board.

The majority “supported the request and it was my understanding going into the meeting that funds would be approved,” said Greg Lewis, Vice Chairman.

Bill Smith, another commissioner who attended the meeting, said “The controversy over funding started because of the economy. It became a problem when our property re-evaluation caused taxable property values to drop by 4 billon dollars.” However, since the money has been released, the funding will commence “right away.”

The money that the schools are entitled will be used for teacher’s assistants, bus drivers, substitute pay and any other purposes the school board chooses.

At Croatan, teachers have been using their planning periods to substitute fellow employees’ classes. Senior Emily Farrington is happy to know that there will be more funding for her school. She said, “it is great to know that our school will be supplied with more money, because we have been worried about this issue for quite some time.”

In the struggle for more funding, the school system received what they asked. Most hope that this money will help achieve success.

Reported By Kayeleigh Hardy

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