Candidates for Cedar Point Commissioner

Posted on October 23, 2011


In Cedar Point, voting will be held at the County Board of Elections Office from October 30th to November 5th to elect the new town commissioner. The candidates are W.B. Ennett, Allan Redfearn, David Winberry, and Rufus E. Murray. All of these are prominent local figures with years of experience in local government.

Allan Redfearn is the youngest candidate. However, he has the most hands-on experience of all his running mates. He is the current chairman of the Cedar Point Planning Board. He has fifteen additional years of experience, serving on multiple boards.

W.B. Ennett is the candidate with the most formal education. He graduated from Western Carolina University, and has a degree in marketing management. He also has served as town commissioner eight years previously.

David Winberry is the oldest candidate running. Residing in Cedar Point for sixty-eight years, he also served as town commissioner for six years.

Rufus E. Murray has had many years of experience with various boards and committees. Murray earned his degree from community college, and served four years as town commissioner.

The town commissioner decides where local funds go within the community. Since the town has spare revenue events like Hurricane Irene, and the Waterway drive lawsuit, it requires a capable commissioner to deal with these issues.

Reported By Brendan Buffington

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