Obama Bus Tour Hits NC

Posted on October 23, 2011


President Obama

President Obama’s bus tour is stopping in North Carolina this week. The president is planning to promote his $477 billion jobs program. This program is intended to create jobs in the United States. He hopes to persuade Republican officials to support this plan, which they have consistently opposed.

The president has also used other tactics to try to persuade North Carolinians to support his jobs program. Just last month, the president spoke to North Carolina State University students about the plan.

Mr. Obama has conveniently chosen to hold the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte next year. He is really stepping up his game when it comes to persuading North Carolina to give him its vote in the next election. Maybe he will win the state again. After all, he was the first Democratic candidate to win the state’s 15 electoral vote since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

What will Obama do next to try to win the support of North Carolina? Perhaps he will try to get an endorsement by Roy Williams. The president has shown a partiality to UNC basketball in the last couple of NCAA tournaments. But then who will the Duke fans vote for?

Reported By Andrew Turner

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