“Two Can Keep A Secret If One Of Them Is Dead”

Posted on October 24, 2011


Cast Members of Pretty Little Liars

Have you ever had to face losing a best friend due to their untimely death? Not many have had to go through this terrible crisis, but Hanna, Spencer, Aria, and Emily are exceptions. Their best friend and leader of their “group” named Alison was murdered in her own backyard, but the thing they still have to find out is: who is the murderer?

In Pretty Little Liars these four brave friends have to deal with multiple obstacles, including the protagonist “A.” The girls believe that “A” was the killer of Alison. “A” finds out all of the girls’ secrets and makes all the girls do dumb and embarrassing things so that “A” will not spill their secrets.

The four girls all try their hardest to find out who “A” is. They always think they find out who it is but then someone else comes along that is suspicious as well. They go through tough times trying to figure out who the mystery killer is.  “A” causes an immense amount of stress in all of the four girls’ lives, and is a huge burden in their everyday existence.

This suspenseful series is one of the most viewed shows on ABC family. It is a fantastic saga and should be watched by all. While watching Pretty Little Liars, you will be sitting on the edge of your seat the whole time. This show is full of suspense and surprises, and will keep you guessing.

However, Pretty Little Liars is not only a show; there are a series of books out that are extremely interesting as well. Some viewers say that they don’t like how the show leaves out some of the details that the book has. But many disagree and think they are equally pleasing.

Pretty Little Liars
 has over eight million fans on Facebook! An incredible number people have a love for this awesome show. You should become one of them! Go catch an episode of Pretty Little Liars… you certainly won’t regret it.

Reported by Alexis Skiba

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