Beginning of an End

Posted on October 24, 2011


Seniors: (Cassidy Collins, Kelsey Hernandez, Hope White)

Seniors Cassidy Collins, Kelsey Hernandez, and Hope White played their last home high school volleyball match on Tuesday, October 18, against Richlands High School. “Although we lost one game to Richlands, the match was very easy and fun for my last home game ever,” said Hope White.

On senior night, the tradition is to start all of the seniors and try to play them as much as possible. With the seniors in the starting line-up along with the other usual starters, they led the team to a 25-15 win.

The second game was a different story though. Hope White said that they lost their momentum from the first game, and it showed. The Lady Cougars ended up losing the second game, 25-23.

Rachel Morton, an assistant coach, was very happy with how the team bounced back after the 2nd set loss. “They came into the 3rd game ready to win, and Karlie Steven’ serves were a huge part of the win,” Morton stated. Stevens served 22 consecutive serves, 16 of which were aces. The Cougars won the third game with a rare score of 25-1.

By winning the fourth game 25-11, the Lady Cougars won the whole match. “When we won the last point, it hit me. I still can’t believe that I have played my last home volleyball game,” said White.

After the Varsity match, the senior night festivities began. The three seniors were announced and walked across the gym one last time for their fans. This year, the seniors were given individual posters showing them in action during the year. Another volleyball senior night tradition at Croatan is that everyone, excluding the seniors, brings a food dish, and after the Varsity and JV matches everyone eats together in the gym.

Senior Cassidy Collins said everyone tried hard to make this night special for the seniors—and they did. “I can’t believe our season is almost over. It’s sad because the team became so close and I’m going to miss all of them,” said Collins.

All fall sports are soon coming to an end. The girls’ tennis team had its senior night two weeks ago; the football team and cheerleaders’ senior night is this Friday; and, the boys’ soccer team senior night is next week.

Senior football player, Alex Mrak, is also sad about the season coming to a close. “It’s going to be weird not seeing the team everyday and I’m going to miss that,” said Mrak.

Senior night may not be the end for some of the athletes. Several players hope to play at the collegiate level, even though it is very difficult to make it to that level. For these athletes, senior night is a sad event, but hopefully is just the beginning of their new athletic careers.

Reported By Kelsey Hernandez
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