Behind the scenes of…Motivation

Posted on October 24, 2011


What motivates you?  This, my friends, is the million dollar question.  By knowing how to answer it, we have the drive to get up each morning, and live each day to the fullest. People need motivation.  If we didn’t have motivation, we wouldn’t be anything, and progress wouldn’t exist.

So exactly how does motivation work?  Well, having a goal usually is the key to all motivation.  We have to know that we are working towards something in order to be self driven.   

Senior Jacob Springfield stated, “Motivation is working to achieve your goals. It doesn’t mean working yourself to complete raggedness, but it does mean getting things done the best you can and in a timely fashion for the attainment of your goals.”

Motivation can come from anything.  It can come from a song, a long term goal, and even another person.  Why is motivation so important?

“Motivation is so important because without [it], nothing would ever get done. If we as human beings did not have a need or purpose to do something, it simply wouldn’t [happen]. Motivation is essential to basically keeping the world go round,” stated Jacob. 

Megan Wright, Ms. Teen Dance America, said, “Motivation is so important because it is the drive that wills us to do the impossible. Motivation comes from within.  You have to want what you are working towards.”   

The importance of motivation is a grave subject.  According to an article written by Ryan Whiteside, a journalist for, to achieve good motivation you should “…focus on one goal at a time, get rid of all the distractions which might prevent you from achieving your goal, and completely block out any negative influences.”
We live in a world where motivation has to take place.  There is no way we could live each day without having some sort of incentive[, or motivation].  We need this to venture on into the future.  As individuals, we must possess the characteristic of motivation. 
“To possess motivation,” Megan says, “is like already saying that you’ve won the battle between you and reaching your goal.”
Jacob said, “Individuals can become more self motivated by recognizing goals in their life, from so small a thing and getting to work in time, to as big as succeeding in business. By recognizing getting through the day as a goal to be achieved, motivation will come.”

Maybe motivation is easier than we realize.  Maybe if we just stop and think about where it comes from, the world will be little brighter.  So, I leave you with this; where does your motivation come from?

Reported by Kylie Wright

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