Want to be an “Annie?”

Posted on October 25, 2011


Pistol Annies Preforming

Wearing cow girl boots with skirts, partying all night, riding down dirt roads in pick up trucks, huntin’ and fishin’ in the summer time, and being from Kentucky, Tennessee, or Texas. This is what the Pistol Annies, an All-American country group, is all about. Although the band was formed two years ago, many people think that they are a new group. Miranda “Lone Star Annie” Lambert, Ashley “Hippie Annie” Monroe, and Angaleena “Holler Annie” Presley are the Pistol Annies.

Monroe got her nickname because she is from Texas; she is proud of  being a “Lone Star.” Lambert got her nickname because she is the “loving one”; she is the peace-keeper in the group. Presley got her nickname from Easter, Kentucky, where she used to skip school.

Lambert, who found fame before she got the Pistols together, is well known for her songs, including “White Liar.” Many fans say that  the Pistols remind them of the Dixie Chicks, because they are an all woman group. They also remind fans of the Dixie Chicks because of their style and the type of songs that they sing.

Morgan Comer, a fan of the Annies said, “Pistol Annies are a great group, and I think that their music is great.”

Hell on Heels, the Pistols’ first album, was released on August 23rd of this year. The album is peaking at number one in the studio country albums, and also at number one on the  top iTunes downloads list.

On October 13, they were nominated for their first award: “New Artist of the Year.”

Reported by Alexandria Brimmer