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Posted on October 28, 2011


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Jewelry is an important accessory with every ensemble.  Whether it’s a simple pair of diamond studs or a big bold necklace with long flashy earrings, jewelry can turn your whole outfit from casual to dressy.

Jewelry is something you can add to an outfit to give it your own kind of style.  You can make your own look and establish your own personality through what you wear.

Maybe you don’t wear jewelry often.  If it’s because jewelry these days is so expensive and it’s not the one thing you want to spend all your money on, then you should consider DIY Jewelry.  DIY Jewelry is what’s new in fashion today, and it’s something that is cheap and it allows you to give even more of your personality to your look.  Bobbie Thomas, a style editor for TODAY says, “We’re in an era where self-expression is preeminent.”

Do it yourself (DIY) Jewelry is something we can all remember doing as a little kid.  You know what I’m talking about: the cloth friendship bracelets that meant the world to you.  Did you ever think that it would become popular to make your own jewelry as a teenager and/or adult?

Kelsie Adams, senior, makes her own jewelry from time to time and she loves it!  She says she spends about three hours on each piece she makes.  Her favorite piece to make is a bracelet.  Kelsie makes her own jewelry because she can make it exactly how she wants.  She says it means more to her to make her own then it does when she goes out and buys something.

Dolce & Gabanna did something never done before during the Milan Fashion Week Spring 2012.  Models walked down the runway wearing unique jewelry made of gilded coins and bowtie pasta.  Just three weeks later people were running to grocery stores and bead stores to make their own jewelry.

DIY jewelry isn’t just a new fashion statement, it’s a hobby.    Add some of your own style and personality to your outfit with your own jewelry.

Reported by Rachel Brazda

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