Jersey Shore is the new “Situation”

Posted on November 1, 2011


Sophmore: Abigail Vanpelt; Junior: Christina Dupree

Tanning, partying every night, and not having anything to worry about. That life sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Well, it gets extremely hectic at times. Fights are started over little pointless things and turn into mayhem.

Jersey Shore is shown Thursdays on MTV. If you want to laugh, then watch Jersey Shore.  I mean, who doesn’t love watching young adults make fools out of themselves?

The stars of the show are Snooki, Sammi, Jenni, Vinny, Ronnie, Mike (The Situation), Pauly D, Deena, and Angelina. They all have their own unique personality, but they also have several things in common. One thing they have in common is they all have a fetish for partying every night. They get into multiple fights with each other, but they always resolve them. They most definitely have a love/hate relationship with each other.

This group of crazy partiers all work at an ice cream shop together. They always make sure to work shifts with each other. This group never splits up; they are constantly together. That is most likely why they get into so many disagreements.

Jersey Shore’s cast does not actually stay in New Jersey: they travel to multiple places. They decided to go live in Miami for a while after the governor of New Jersey refused to let them air their show in Jersey because he said it was an embarrassment. He believes that they have somewhat ruined Jersey’s reputation. CNN says “The Jersey Shore may be a hit for MTV, but the Garden State’s governor is making clear he’s no fan of the raunchy reality show.”

Abercrombie agreed to pay Mike (The Situation) NOT to wear their clothes. Odd, right? They believe that it is an embarrassment to their company if he wears their clothing.

Jersey Shore has a lot of “haters” but they have an immense amount of viewers, too! Many people watch the show just for pure entertainment. Jersey Shore is the most watched telecast ever! And it has a 4.2 adult demo rating – that’s higher then any show on the big broadcast networks except The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy (which Jersey Shore tied.)

Willa Paskin from The New York Times says, “With their vivid acronyms and imaginative coinages, Snooki and the gang may be TV’s most gifted wordsmiths.”

You either love Jersey Shore, or you hate it. So watch it this Thursday and decide how you feel about it. I guarantee you will be laughing throughout the whole show!

Reported by Alexis Skiba

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