Stimulation or Simulation?

Posted on November 1, 2011


Barack Obama’s stimulus package recently added to our national debt. The package cost the nation over $3.2 billion total. Some help, huh?

The cost came from a recent addition to a tax sheet that allowed for taxpayers to select an education tax credit. The credit, referred to as the American Opportunity Tax Credit, allows for students to receive money to help them pay college tuition and fees. An estimated 1.7 million people accidentally selected the option, costing the nation over $2.1 billion in unnecessary compensation. This poses the question: If you’re attending college, shouldn’t you be able to fill out a tax form correctly? Maybe that college education isn’t doing any good in the first place.

Over 370, 900 people also selected the option without having attended school for the required amount of time. This error cost the nation an additional $550 million. I thought the point of this stimulus package was to get us out of debt, not put us in more.

Dependents have also been using the credit to their benefit. An estimated $88.4 million from this credit was spent on dependents that were claimed on somebody else’s tax return. These people are getting double money. The student’s parents are getting money for claiming them as dependents who attend school, but the students themselves are also receiving money to pay for college. So while the student’s parents pay for college with a tax return, the students can buy even more beer with their tax money.

A reported 250 prisoners used the tax credit for an estimated $255, 879. I hope they were getting a good education in the penitentiary, and not getting new prison tats with their free government money.

The bill seems to be too complicated for anybody to understand. Perhaps Obama’s Harvard education is eliminating the common man. What happened to Obama trying to help the common man? After all, he did have some meetings over beer, and played basketball with some “common folk.”

Reported by Andrew Turner

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