Wizarding World gives fans what they’ve wanted

Posted on November 2, 2011


*This article was reported by Logan Haithcock, who just returned from a magical journey to the “wizarding world.”

Ever since the publication of the first Harry Potter novel by J.K. Rowling back in 1997, devotees of the series have wished for a way to actually visit the world they feel so connected with. For many years, it didn’t seem likely that anything of the sort would ever really happen. Then, in the Spring of 2007, Universal Orlando announced they were beginning construction on a theme park based on the phenomenon–a place where the fans could go to be a part of the places they read about and saw in the movies. Just last year, the park opened to rave reviews, and since then, millions of Potterheads from around the world have flocked to the gates to experience their dream of delving into J.K. Rowling’s magical land.

Entering the gates of Hogsmeade Village promotes gasps and squeals from fans as they lay eyes on the classic Hogwarts Express train smoking in front of them. The conductor, dressed in official magical garb, waves to passersby as they smile with joy and round the corner to view the streets of the Wizarding World’s shopping center, designed to look just like the one in the movie series. You can pay a visit to Honeydukes, where candy delightful to the imagination is at your fingertips. You can glide through the doors of Ollivanders and take part in an incredible interactive adventure where “the wand chooses the wizard.” Or, you can even stop in at Zonko’s Joke Shop to purchase some of the wildest prank instruments known to man.

Continuing down the streets, you see decorative stands around every bend that sell fresh wizarding beverages like Butterbeer and Pumpkin Juice. Butterbeer is a chilling sweet treat, sugary and delicious with a layer of foamed eggnog on top, while Pumpkin Juice is exactly what it sounds like, serving as a sort of Halloween-in-a-bottle experience. Both beverages put grins on the faces of the drinkers, who have always wondered how Rowling intended them to taste, and now have that enchanting knowledge.

To top off all of the excitement, the final destination you reach on your trek is Hogwarts Castle itself, looming in the distance and bringing tears to the eyes of many who feel as if they are seeing home for the first time. Inside the castle rests Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey… the main attraction of the park, an incredible simulator where riders are taken directly into the action of Harry and his friends. Viewing Hogwarts and having the opportunity to go inside it quickly becomes the highlight of many fans’ experiences at the park, and rests as one of their favorite memories.

Overall, a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will pleasure anyone who has ever dreamed of jumping through the movie screen and being a part of the magic itself. It is no question that the park will continue to be a success for many years to come, as long as those loyal to the series remain faithful to its existence.

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