Boyfriend or best friends

Posted on November 7, 2011


Question: “I’m dating this guy that everyone thinks is weird. He is really sweet. What should I do?”

Growing up, you started making best friends and as you did this, their opinions became necessary to you. This is why it bothers you so much that they don’t like your boyfriend.

Just like everyone, you lean on your friends. Girls have a tendency to gather together and take in everyone’s opinion on the guys they are currently dating.  If you ask a group of people if they listen to their friends, they may say a ‘little bit’ but they are lying to themselves. Every body listens to their friends about eighty-five percent of the time!

The best thing to do is focus on what you want. Your friends aren’t dating him, you are. Your feelings are important and they should respect that. They weren’t there to see his facial expressions or body language, you were! True friends should support you on your decisions.

Many girls say it’s hard to find a sweet guy. So what if he is a little weird or a tad bit strange? The weird ones are the most interesting. He could be weird because he acts like himself around you. There are so many people who act like something they’re not, so appreciate that you have someone real!

Everyone says friends want the best for you, and that is right. Friends want to make sure you don’t do things that you will later regret. You can’t get mad at your friends for not liking him because everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but make sure you do what you want!

Ashley Philips, sophomore of Swansboro high said, “Sure, some of my friends hate my boyfriend, but I don’t care. We’ve been dating for awhile and we’re happy!”

Dating someone “weird” isn’t a bad thing. If you are truly happy with this guy don’t let anyone bring you down. This is your relationship and it only involves you and him. Not you, him, and all your friends.

Reported by Sarah Braun

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