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Posted on November 7, 2011


"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." - Confucius

Every morning when you wake up, you go through the same routine.  As a girl you may do some things different than if you were a guy.

Girls do their hair and make-up and go through their jewelry to pick out which pair of earrings to wear and which necklace matches.  Boys may fix their hair, but it only takes them a fraction of the time, and after they get dressed they’re done.

When I wake up the first thing I do is go to the restroom, and brush my teeth.  I then pick out my outfit and decide what jewelry I feel like wearing with it.  After I decide what to wear I take about twenty minutes to do my hair and make-up. 

Junior, Marshall Judon, says it takes him about twenty minutes to get ready in the mornings not including a shower, which he usually takes in the evenings after football practice. 

Senior, Anna Mixon, takes at least an hour from when she wakes up to be ready for school in the morning.

So why do we dress the way we do? 

People tend to dress in certain ways because they feel it is one of many ways to express themselves.  We often dress ourselves depending on the mood we’re in, while sometimes our outfits are inspired by others, whether they’re a fellow peer or a celebrity. 

Erika Chloe from My Image Expert says, “Your fashion choices say a lot about your personality.

Does the way we dress really attract the opposite sex or is it a way of giving ourselves self confidence?

Marshall Judon dresses the way he dresses simply because he wants to.  He says he just likes to look nice.  How you dress may not seem as vital to a guy as it does to a girl, but do guys notice all the work that goes into a girls look?  Do girls even care if a guy notices?  Most girls dress up and fix themselves because it makes them feel pretty.  Half the time guys can’t even tell the difference if a girl is wearing make-up or not. 

“There is also some evidence that women feel more confident when wearing makeup, a kind of placebo effect,” said Nancy Etcoff in NY Times.  Bobbi Brown, the founder of her namesake cosmetics line, feels that the focus on others’ perceptions misses the point of what makes makeup powerful.  She said, “We are able to transform ourselves, not only how we are perceived, but how wefeel.”

How you dress and get ready in the mornings may say a lot about you but really the only thing that should matter is how you feel about you.  There is no single definition to the word beautiful, everyone sees beautiful in their own way.  Whether you take twenty minutes or an hour to get ready, whether you wear make-up or if you go natural, it doesn’t matter. What truly matters is how you feel about how you look, and if you’re happy with it then what everyone else thinks shouldn’t matter.                                                                                                                                    Reported by Rachel Robinson

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