Author Graham-Smith turns Lincoln into 18th century Buffy

Posted on November 8, 2011




What if Abraham Lincoln hunted vampires? That’s right. You heard what I said. What if good old Honest Abe went around staking the undead? Wildly popular author Seth Graham-Smith has taken a classic American story and flipped it on its head, morphing one of our most famous presidents into something entirely new. This bizarre concept is what makes up the thrilling novel, “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”

            Written as a biography of Abraham Lincoln himself, the book is based on “secret diaries” kept by Lincoln and given to the author by a vampire named Henry Sturges. The story begins when Abe is just eleven years old. He has just learned from his father Thomas that vampires are real, and that they were the cause of Abe’s grandfather’s death. When Abe finds out that his ailing mother’s sickness is also the result of bloodsuckers, he pledges in his journal to kill as many vampires as he can in his lifetime. Growing up, he slays many vampires while rising in the political office and marrying his first wife, Mary Todd. Graham-Smith’s prose is engrossing, and will keep the reader guessing the outcome of the story until the final showdown with the infamous John Wilkes Booth- now a vampire, of course. Readers will enjoy the humor scattered throughout the story, as well as its uncanny take on Lincoln’s life tale.

            Nathan Hale, a Croatan student who is a fan of the horror genre, says that he thinks the book sounds “totally awesome,” and that fans of dark works of literature will most likely “fall in love with it at first glance.” He says “even people who don’t like horror will probably like it. It just sounds like such a cool read.”

            Despite the widespread warm reaction, many people think that the book is unnecessary and is making the mistake of causing younger readers to look at Lincoln in the wrong light. Parts of the narrative are exceptionally violent and graphic, and many literary experts think that this fact will alienate certain readers who do not enjoy strong descriptions of gore.

            With this controversy in hand, the book is currently being made into a high-budget movie directed by Timur Bekmambetov and produced by Tim Burton, who also worked on other largely successful films such as “Sweeney Todd,” “The Corpse Bride,” and “Edward Scissorhands.” The film is scheduled for release on June 22nd, 2012, and it is planned to show in both 2-D and 3-D formats. It is regarded by Entertainment Weekly as one of the most hotly anticipated movie releases of next year.

            Whether or not you think Lincoln’s story should be messed with or not, the fangs of “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” are sure to keep you hooked all the way through.                                                                                                                                                                                             Reported by Logan Haithcock

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