Marriage: For money, or love?

Posted on November 8, 2011


Sadly enough, divorce is oh so common in America.

Kim Kardashian, model and actress, and Kris Humphries, NBA star, were recently married for only seventy-two days. Many think this marriage was only a joke, but Kim claims it wasn’t. Kim said “The marriage wasn’t a joke; I got married because of love. Things just happened too fast and the marriage wasn’t the fairy tale I had imagined it to be.”

Divorce is extremely common in today’s world. It used to be looked at as a treacherous act. But today, divorce occurs often and is not considered a big deal. There’s one question millions are asking: why has divorce become so very popular in America?

In our society, marriage is becoming a matter of money and power. Some people get married because they feel like they have to. Some don’t do it for love, which is extremely sad. It seems as if people are getting married just for the sake of getting married and sometimes there aren’t any strong feelings in the marriage.

As one can see, marriage has changed an immense amount. It’s not just celebrities getting married for a ridiculously short time; it’s millions of people all across America. Statistics show that half of all marriages in America will end in divorce. Scary, huh? Divorce used to be extremely frowned upon, but today divorces occur left and right and they aren’t as serious as they once were. Fifty percent of first marriages end in divorce and sixty-five percent of second marriages end in divorce.

Divorce rates in America have been increasing since 1970. Studies show that couples with higher incomes get divorced a lot less frequently then couples that don’t make as much money. This shows that money is one of the top reasons why people get divorced.

Here at Croatan, many students have to go through the heartbreak of seeing their parents get divorced. This is extremely tough on teens because they start thinking that the divorce was their fault. An immense amount of pressure gets brought upon them at this time. For example, they might have to take care of their siblings more and do more things on their own then they use to because mom is dealing with divorce papers and whatnot. 

I am very lucky to be able to say that my parents have been married for twenty six years, and I haven’t ever seen them get into a big fight. I asked my mom what the secret was and she said, “You must have a lot in common with your spouse, this will strengthen your marriage a lot. And if you both have a love for God he will work to make your marriage stronger. Your father and I continue to get even closer every day, and that is God working in our marriage.”

Marriage is a beautiful thing and should not occur just for money or just because one feels like they “have to.” When two people get married they should be getting married because they are in love. If one marries for love their marriage is a lot more likely to be successful versus getting married for money. So- get married for love. Not for pointless things that won’t matter as much years from now.                                                            Reported by Alexis Skiba

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