Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Carving out your own story, lightsaber in hand.

Posted on November 8, 2011


If you’re even reading this article, it’s safe to assume at one point you’ve looked up at the stars and dreamt of a grand adventure, one for the ages. One that would be remembered for a many years to come. You’ve probably dreamt of picking up a lightsaber (be it Jedi or Sith) and jumping into your Millennium Falcon (or at least something that looks a lot like it) and taking off into the wide open galaxy. Maybe befriending a Wookie or two along the way, maybe a quirky astromech droid, a Mandalorian mercenary, a wise old sage, or a foolish scoundrel. Well, this is the game that you and I have been waiting for. This is the adventure you and I have yearned for.

In Knights of the Old Republic, you’ll find yourself starting the game onboard a republic war ship called the Endar Spire. You’ll wake up to an attack on the ship by a Sith war party with no recollection of who you are or why you’re there and fight your way off of the ship in pursuit of an important Jedi named Bastila crashing your escape pod into the over-city of Taris. A world divided and controlled by a class system that puts the rich and the powerful high above in cityscapes bathed in sunlight and the poor left below on the dangerous surface of the planet. After rescuing Bastila from being sold into slavery by the lower city mafia you’ll steal a ship from the very same mafia and take off, fighting your way through a Sith barricade as they bomb the planet below. From there you go to the Jedi enclave of Dantoine and discover your affinity with the Force, quickly becoming a Jedi yourself and embarking on a quest to uncover the plans of a powerful Sith Lord. You’ll visit many planets along the way like the Oceanic world of Manaan, standing trial before the native Selkath people for violating neutrality laws and investigating a research station on the ocean floor that has mysteriously gone quiet. The desert planet of Tattoine where you’ll hunt dragons, piece together an assassin droid to assist you in your quest, and negotiate peace between the native sand people and a local settlement, freeing some Jawas along the way. You’ll go to the forest world of Kashyyk where you can help the native Wookie people who are being oppressed by the Czerka Corporation for slave labor or you can side with Czerka but either way you’ll have to journey down to the rarely visited planet surface known as the Shadow Lands. You’ll go to Korriban, the home of the Sith where you’ll have to infiltrate a Sith training academy and learn their ways and the history of the Sith, choosing to remain true to the light side or falling to the dark side. All the while making choices that will effect the people and the world around you, ultimately forging an adventure all your own and seeing it through to the very end where you learn your true past.

In summation, Knights of the Old Republic offers you the grand adventure you’ve yearned for since you were little. You can take off into the stars and fight along side the wookies of Kashyyk for their freedom, you can be Jedi attorney in a murder case or two, you can smuggle for the galactic mafia, or you can study a Sith academy. You can be a hero of the people or you can control them with an iron fist. The story, your story, begins and ends how you want it to end. This grand adventure is yours.

Reported by Brendan Buffington

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