A day in the life of a West Carteret Student

Posted on November 9, 2011


Eric Ellmo, Junior at Croatan; his girlfriend, Maggie Sowell, Senior at West Carteret

West Carteret High School-our biggest rival since the opening of Croatan in 1998. The two football teams are well known for fighting for superiority on the field while the volleyball team fights for the rule of the court.

Rivalries are fun, but do some people take them too far?

Just recently, Croatan students got framed for doing a little spray painting on West’s football field-and did we do it?

We all knew the answer to that question after Poletti came onto the afternoon announcements and stated, “Two students confessed to the art work on West Carteret’s football field…”

Everyone held their breath.

“And it wasn’t two Croatan students,” he said. 

Of course that statement was followed with a lot of laughter. It was a failed attempt at West trying to frame us and though it was funny, it was kind of ridiculous.

Former Croatan student, Maggie Sowell, who now attends West Carteret stated, “I think the schools just have a lot of spirit-they don’t hate each other just because they’re rival schools.”

Maggie has been dating Eric Ellmo, Junior football player at Croatan, for nearly five months.

As we all know, the West Carteret vs. Croatan football games have the highest attendance-so how did Maggie manage to support her school and her boyfriend who plays for her rival school at the same time? 

“Eric and I go to a lot of games,” Maggie stated. “When West played Croatan this year in football, I was decked out in my West Carteret Patriot militia colors but I had on a shirt I made for Eric since he was playing. Both of us like school support but it isn’t worth hating people

over.”Maggie also stated that dating someone from a rival school really wasn’t that bad and that she didn’t get made fun of for it.

Eric agreed with Maggie when it came down to friendships with people at West.

“I’m not too into the whole rivalry thing outside of football. I’m actually good friends with a bunch of people over there [at West], but when it comes down to football between Croatan and West, I definitely support the rivalry,” replied Eric.

While Eric stays loyal to his football team and Maggie stays loyal to her boyfriend-others stay loyal to the rivalry. 

Competitive band member and Senior at West, Lizzie Butler thinks that the rivalry can get out of hand at times, but it is all just in fun and games.

“I think it is kind of fun to make the rivalry a big deal sometimes.”

While our rival school is only a few miles down the road, the rivalry touches close to home. It motivates and it inspires-to work harder, to try harder, and last but not least, to play harder.