McDougle: Baldness and Basketball

Posted on November 9, 2011


Being a history teacher, you would think that Mr. McDougle would have been a quiet, good student.  In high school he said he got bad grades and spent many Saturdays in in-school suspension:  “I never pictured myself as an educator.”  He describes himself as having been the “typical dumb jock,” playing football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, and hockey.

His favorite part about the experience of high school was the big rival games. He had attended a school in Michigan, and it was a lot different than going to Croatan.  It was a 4A school, so there were a lot more students attending.  “The atmosphere of 3,000+ fans was unforgettable,” Mr. McDougle describes.

 He started his career of teaching as a substitute at 19 years old.  He continued during college, and his first full-time job as a coach and a teacher was in an inter-city in Michigan.  “You had to pass through three metal detectors everyday to enter the school,” says McDougle.  What a change compared to Croatan!  He loves working at Croatan and thinks it is a great school.  “I have had the chance to meet some amazing co-workers and students over the past two years and I am very thankful to be a teacher here.”

 He taught three years in two schools in Michigan.  He moved to North Carolina and spent a year teaching at Morehead Middle, and this is his second year at Croatan.  He says he is an “ADD teacher,” he teaches in no more than twenty minute sections.  “I try my best to keep my students active and awake, they do many review activities.”  Chris Watson, a senior, says, “His class is great, because he makes it easy to learn, and it is a chill atmosphere.”

Basketball is a huge part of Mr. McDougle’s life.  His father was a varsity coach for thirty years.  He played high school ball, he played at the community college level, and he later walked on to Western Michigan University’s team.  “Coaching high school basketball is my sixth sense,” says Mr. McDougle.  He is very busy coaching both girls and boys basketball, but he also coaches for football and softball.  

He is very excited for the upcoming season.  He has assurance that his team will work hard and he knows they have the potential.  “We are a young team, but as the season goes on I feel the team will gain confidence and become very competitive,” Mr. McDougle says.

 He was recently engaged, and his fiancé will be the new softball coach at CHS.  He said he finally decided to “settle down.”  “I figured if she was willing to put up with a goofy bald guy, I should keep her around for awhile,” says McDougle.  They do not have a wedding date set up yet, but he mentioned they are getting a Great Dane puppy this month! 

Whether you have him as a coach, teacher, or co-worker, you will enjoy having the opportunity to know him with his laid back personality and spunky humor.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Reported by Nicole Hebert