Holiday Food Drive: Beneficent for Bojangles?

Posted on November 10, 2011


The annual food drive is here. By donating extra canned foods, students are providing food to families in need during the holidays. The holiday food drive began on November 7and will end on Friday, November 18. The proceeds will go to The Hem of His Garments in Swansboro and The Salvation Army inMoreheadCity. Last year the school raised over 1500 canned items.  Mr. Heal (a sponsor of the Interact club) hopes  “to break 2000” this year. At Croatan, the class that brings the most canned foods gets fifty dollars to spend as they wish. Are incentives the only reason we have had trucks picking up the hundreds of canned goods in the past?

Just like Pavlov’s dog, the students at Croatan are responding to the sweet bell of “Bojangles” as a motivation to give donations of canned goods. Some students and teachers question whether or not the cynical views of humanity expecting a reward for donating is subconscious. It has also been discussed whether or not there is actual compassion in the world, since (in some way) we will benefit in the long run.

Mr. Mayo, the supervisor for Students in Support of Military Families (SSMF), feels that rewards promised to students take away from the effect of being charitable. SSMF hosted a DVD drive to help the Fischer House, that represented families who’s loved ones were in the hospital. The club did not give a reward to any of those who brought in DVD’s.

After the first week, Mrs. Bowles class is in the lead for the fifty dollars. When asked how she feels about rewards, she replied “I think incentives are a great way to motivate students to give! Both the students and the persons in need benefit. My hope is that once students realize that they are making a difference by giving that they will become consistent givers in our society. We need more givers than takers in today’s self-centered society.”

When asked why he brought in canned goods, freshman Gabe Hill replied “for extra credit.”

Whether or not you think incentives are good or bad for charitable reasons, at the end of next week, there will be a “mountain of food” for families in need, according to Mr. Heal.

Reported by Kayeleigh Hardy

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