A Day in the Life of a Hopeless Romantic

Posted on November 14, 2011


             Once upon a time, in a world so small and unique, romance thrived and love was an enchanted fairytale. Now, as Oscar Wilde would say, “Deceiving others-that is what the world calls a romance.”

My mom and my step-dad on their wedding day.

            Currently, still in a world so small and unique, according to professorshouse research, only two percent of high school sweethearts actually marry.

            Chivalry is dead and you can forget about your knight in shining armor-but you can’t tell that to a hopeless romantic.

“A hopeless romantic is someone that loves being in love, someone that hasn’t given up on concepts like soul mates and ‘happily ever after’ endings,” replied Junior Kaitie Glanden. “It’s someone who believes you should never give up on love.”

Hopeless romantics view love as an art form and “care more about being prince charming than just ‘hooking up’ with a girl,” stated an anonymous male senior.

While some of us have simply given up on the idea at love at such a young age, others wait patiently and hope for that certain person to sweep them off of their feet. Even after finding a boyfriend or girlfriend and even after being married, you can still be a hopeless romantic with the desire of being charmed.

“All of the heartfelt, wonderful things you can do for someone you love have been forgotten over time. I don’t know many couples that still write letters to each other or compliment each other just to make the person they care about smile. It’s a shame, too, because those things are the things that make the best memories and being in love worth the while,” said Kaitie.

Kaitie also believes when she really loves someone, it’s the small things that count such as buying them their favorite candy or helping them do things that they don’t like to do, like chores and homework.

The anonymous male senior stated that he liked doing things for girls that put smiles on their faces.
“Girls have so much stress as it is,” he said. “They take things personally and get stressed out really easy. That means it is important for guys to give them a chance to relax. A relationship should go way beyond sex. It should be about making someone happy and taking care of their needs-it is about being there for them all of the time.”

So exactly how important is romance in a relationship? Junior Karly Stevens stated that she believed romance was a beautiful thing while Kaitie stated that romance is what makes a relationship thrive.

“Romance is very important. Most guys think it’s dumb or corny, but if you really care about a girl, you’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy,” replied the anonymous senior. “Girls like when guys do romantic things for them and the most important part of a relationship is making the other person happy.”

Being a hopeless romantic does have a down side at times, because hopeless romantics use their heart way more than their head. The anonymous male reported that he does use his heart more than his head, and sometimes when he gets hurt, it hurts more than it should, but he comes out stronger in the end. Karly said she uses her heart all of the time and never listens to the opinions of others.
Kaitie stated, “A lot of my friends think I’m foolish for believing in things when the odds are against me, but if it feels right to me, I go for it with everything I have.”

Though Oscar Wilde may think differently, romance is still something the few and far between yearn to cherish.
Once upon a time, chivalry was thought dead-but romance hung on by a thread. Good luck with your happily ever after.

Reported by Courtney Hines