Opinion: Mud Flying

Posted on November 14, 2011


It appears as if we could have another “Bill Clinton” scandal on our hands. Herman Cain, Republican candidate, has recently faced sexual assault allegations from two women. 

Cain completely denied the allegations. He stated that one of the allegations was a misunderstanding and the other woman he had never even heard of. He blamed the scandal on the “Democratic Machine.” It does appear that as soon as he ran to the forefront of the candidates these allegations surfaced. Major mudslinging could be going be going on in Democratic offices, as well as Republican offices.

Fellow Republican candidate Mitt Romney said that the allegations were “particularly disturbing” and that Cain should resolve them as soon as possible. Romney is going back to his bread and butter for his campaign: bashing other candidates.  

Cain has acquired a lawyer to help battle the allegations. The attorney, L. Lin Wood, is known for defending Kobe Bryant in his sex scandal. While Bryant admitted to a sexual encounter with the woman, he denied the allegations of assault. The case was dropped after the woman refused to testify. This is occurring in the Cain case as well. While one woman has decided to publicly speak of her allegations, the other refuses to do so. Which begs the question: did the second woman’s encounter even happen?

The woman that did put her name to her accusation, Sharon Bialek, went public on November the 7th with her story. She accused Mr. Cain of groping her. At the time of the incident, Mrs. Bialek had recently lost her job. She asked Mr. Cain for a job, and according to her, he made sexual advances toward her that were supposed to be in exchange for the job.

Herman Cain speaking at a press conference in Arizona

 Americans do seem to love a good sex scandal. From F.D.R. to J.F.K  to Bill Clinton, the American presidency has been consumed by allegations of adultery and harassment. Herman Cain could be the next member of this legacy. But, he is different from Clinton in that he faced the charges head on. He denied them while having a credible story to combat them. Cain claims that he simply made a reference to how Mrs. Bialek is the same height as his wife. He has been confident and consistent in his stories. This is in contrast to former president Clinton, who beat around the bush when talking about his allegations. Even after Clinton had admitted to sexually harassing Monica Lewinsky, he would never speak directly about the encounter.

 If the charges are false, it is sad that campaigning has fallen to such slanderous mud-slinging. If the charges are true it is sad to think someone vying to lead our country is morally inept. 


Reported by Andrew Turner


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