“You haven’t been to Mike’s Farm?!”

Posted on November 14, 2011


 Tired of having family gatherings at your house? Mike’s Farm is a wonderful place for families to come together, either at a country style dinner table, a hayride to a pumpkin patch, or gazing at their Christmas light show.

Christmas Lights at Mikes Farm

 This farm started in 1945 in Beulaville, NC as a family house where Lucille and her husband Jess raised four children. Jess was in the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Lejeune when he and his wife met.

The farm started out as a small tobacco farm.  Community members came to help “put in” tobacco.  While everyone was busy in the fields, Lucille was busy in the kitchen making a barn day dinner for all the hands in the fields.

Years went by and the kids grew up. Everyone went out into public jobs and stopped working on the farm. In the 1980’s Mike, one of the kids, and his wife Theresa started to work on the farm again, but instead of growing tobacco they decided to grow Christmas trees.

Later a small gift shop was built, then not long after that a bakery was added. Mike decided to put a restaurant on the farm. This restaurant was going to serve food just like Lucille prepared. From then on the farm was called Mike’s Farm.

Mike’s restaurant isn’t like any other restaurant where you order exactly what you want. At this country style cooking restaurant, they bring big bowls of different types of food. It’s kind of like a buffet for every table, with foods including fried chicken, homemade mashed potatoes and gravy, country ham biscuits, Mac and cheese, green beans, corn, and dessert: just like a country dinner at home. Andrew Lanier, graduate from Croatan, stated that “the food is good and it is fairly cheap.”

The pricing ranges from free to 14.99 ( two years or younger are free to eat). Three to six year olds are only 4.99, seven to eleven years of age eat at 7.99, if considered a big folk dinner is 14.99, and “old codgers,” eat for 13.99.

Starting November 24, the biggest event at Mikes Farm begins: the Christmas light show Mike puts together every year. According to Mike’s Farm website, it gets better every year.   Mike says, “It’s a light thang.” Tony Franklin, a graduate from Swansboro High, said “the light show is amazing, you should go one year.” Mike shows his holiday spirit in his art of lights. People get to walk through arches of Christmas lights, people “ice skating,” and a big, tall, green Christmas tree made out of lights.

Make some time to go eat and enjoy Mike’s light show this year. This is a great family oriented place. Many people have come to Mike’s for years: make it your new tradition!


Reported by Tiffany Johnson

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