Sandler is Back For Another Round of Laughs

Posted on November 16, 2011


Whether you are an Adam Sandler fan or just craving to see a new Thanksgiving comedy, his new film “Jack and Jill” has ranked No.2 on the box office over the weekend. If you are looking for that one movie to see for the holiday season, then this is one for you.


New film "Jack and Jill"

Jack and Jill are fraternal twins separated by a continent and some luck. When Jill arrives from the Bronx to spend Thanksgiving at her brother’s gorgeous Los Angeles home, her stay there is unusual and hilarious. She is crude and physically grotesque, as well as loud and needy. She leaves sweat stains on the bed and talks in a high-pitched nasal voice to display her emotions.


“Some parts can be annoying, but overall I enjoyed the movie and thought it was hilarious,” says Matthew Partin. Although some people think the movie was worth laughing, there are others who believe that “Jack and Jill” was the worst movie they have seen in awhile.


“This movie was showed how terrible Adam Sandler has become and why he should just quit now and never show his face again,” says Kailey Dailey. She also noted, “The last couple of films that Adam Sandler has had a roll in have been terrible.” Some people believe that this movie was, if not as bad, then worse than his previous movie “Grown Ups.”


But still the question is: if it is such a bad movie to so many people, then why is it ranked No.2 on the box office? It has to have its fair share of likes to become No.2. I believe that the money I spent for the ticket to see “Jack and Jill” was worth every penny and I got a great amount of laughs out of it.

Reported by Gregory Braun

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