Croatan Cheerleader Shows the Cougar Spirit

Posted on November 17, 2011



JV Cheerleader Carlie Adams

As she dons her black and gold cheer uniform, freshman Carlie Adams thinks about the impending basketball game. She thinks of how she will lead and help her squad. Not only does she think of how to help others, she thinks of how to improve herself as well.

“At practice she pushes her squad when they are tiring and she always remains positive,” said Croatan Cheerleading Coach Megan Atkinson.

Carlie strives to be a leader on and on off the cheer mat. She said that she is inspired by cheerleader Maddie Gardner. She also said that she is inspired by her coaches and fellow cheerleader, Molly Ellmo. “Molly Ellmo also helps me get over my mental blocks, with my tumbling,” said Carlie.

Carlie first started cheering in 6th grade, when she was on a private cheer squad. In 7th grade she began cheering at Broad Creek Middle School. “She is new to CHS cheerleading and works very hard in and out of practice. She attends extra tumbling classes because she is driven to accomplish new skills,” said Coach Atkinson.

When asked if she thought she was a natural athlete or not, Carlie responded by saying, “Sports in general usually come pretty easily, but I have to work really hard on my strength training.” Carlie not only uses her natural athleticism to help her squad, she builds upon and improves it as well.

There is often controversy amongst other athletes on whether cheerleading is a sport or not. Many do not consider it to be a sport. Carlie said, “The definition of a sport is ‘physical activity that is governed by a set of rules or customs and often engaged in competitively.’ Competitive cheerleading is a sport and Croatan cheerleaders compete.” Cheerleaders do compete and train their bodies for the competition at hand. Carlie’s statement helps to prove that cheerleaders deserve to be counted amongst other athletes.

Many life lessons can be learned from athletic competition. Carlie said that cheerleading teaches, “Not giving up and how to work with and trust your teammates.” She said that “In cheerleading if a stunt falls the wrong way or if someone doesn’t spot you right when you’re tumbling you can get seriously hurt, so trust is definitely something I’ve learned.”

“Croatan cheerleading is lucky to have an athlete like Carlie Adams!” said Coach Atkinson of the freshman cheerleader.      

Carlie Adams is a leader and inspiration to her fellow cheerleaders. She truly exemplifies an outstanding athlete. She leads others while striving to improve herself.   

Reported by Andrew Turner