A Day in the Life of the School’s “Most Attractive”

Posted on November 21, 2011


             Anticipation built as everyone awaited the decorated names to be hung on the cafeteria wall. The day came and whining arose from the cafeteria crowd like a group of moaning, unhappy animals. 

Caleb Carpenter, voted Most Attractive, with his mother


            The senior superlatives had been posted and before you could blink, complaints filled the lunch room. So and so shouldn’t have gotten this and so and so should have got this instead of so and so, and so on.

            Though senior superlatives change every year, it’s hard not to ask, what’s the big deal anyway?            

            One of the most coveted of the superlatives is Most Attractive-I mean everyone wants to be good looking, right?

            This year, seniors Caleb Carpenter and Anna Mixon were voted the most attractive of the senior class.

            Some of us may know Caleb as number thirty-two on the football team or as Garrett Bridges’ best friend-though now he will go down in history as the most attractive boy of the class of 2012.

            Even though Caleb stated that he was extremely flattered, he agreed that sometimes the popularity is taken out of hand.

            “I think popularity in school is ridiculous and taken too seriously today,” he said. “So many people are concerned with being ‘popular’ that they become something they may not be or even like just to be accepted by others.”

            Caleb stated that he did like senior superlatives but sometimes people just took them too far.

            “Senior superlatives are something fun to do to see what your class thinks of you,” he replied.

            According to the New York Times, only twenty percent of high school students are considered popular while fifty percent are average and around thirty percent of students are neglected or over-looked.

            As play writer Wilson Mizner stated, “Popularity is exhausting. The life of the party almost always winds up in a corner with an overcoat over him.”

            As humans, it is believed that we desire to fit in because we are social animals that at times yearn for power and attention, and well…popularity.

Though popularity is sometimes unflattering, there are the times where it’s nice to be highly thought of.

Well, I can’t really answer why people voted for me,” said Caleb. “But I would like to think it’s because I’m a pretty attractive guy.”

            Of course he’s attractive; the whole 2012 class said so.

            As the class of 2012’s senior year is nearing an end, we worry about college acceptance and living on our own without someone breathing down our neck. We forget about who won what our senior year and start to focus on a career and with time, start looking to make a family.

            An unknown source on a blogging website stated, “It [popularity] was terribly important to me until I turned 17 and left for college. After that, I never even thought about it anymore.”


Reported by Courtney Hines